Recepta: Dev Update #1

What was supposed to be a one week halt became two weeks, then one month, then two months!


Stuff I learned/found and how it will change my game:


1) Yanfly’s Quest Plugin and picture Common events plugin

My initial plan was to create a game with different maps including clickable NPC pictures but back then, I had no idea those amazing plugins where already out. So I had to work around and make my game linear as in the browser demo (access a chapter and read it till the end). Now I can expand the Recepta universe and give more depth to my world and characters through NPC dialogue, while the player has more freedom to explore!

recepta screenshot 22 - Recepta: Dev Update #1


2) Umibozu’s art style

My art style was seriously lacking so my friend Umibozu accepted to help me in his free time to make adjustments to my characters design. Obviously this cannot be done on a weekly basis if we want to provide quality art.



recepta edin art fix2 - Recepta: Dev Update #1



3) Weekly updated game too stressful!

Between polishing the mechanics, fixing writing, and updating visuals, I have a lot work to do and weekly releases not only are stressful but also force to me publish unpolished content. From now on, I will use this website as a developer journal so  I can always come here and keep track of the game’s progress.


4) Browser game security and costs

As much as i would like to make a free browser game, the monthly costs were killing me and my game files/art were at risk. So I decided to stop the browser distribution of my game (temporarily) and opt for a downloadable version when a playable demo is ready. I am still looking for a good programmer who can provide some encryption to game files however.

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