Dev Update #2

What I have been doing since yesterday:

  • Made sure chapter 1 common events work well.


  • Added Dialogue to some NPCs.


  • Increased the size of the Chain Commands (Moghunter) pictures due to feedback from an awesome dev I talked to on RPG Maker Forums. (1 hour)


  • Reworked Sishen’s art rework  this morning (yep, I couldn’t sleep over the fact her head became smaller so I harassed Umibozu to help me change it XD). Also started to rework Diane (6 hours).


  • Reworked Edin’s feet yesterday (Edin is heavy and I prefer her to have bigger feet to make her design more balanced. She’s supposed to be a very slow tanky fighter, so her new design makes more sense). A mask was also added to make her more menacing and her braids were polished. (6 hours)

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