Dev Update #7

Today’s Report:


  • Balanced chapter 2 enemies. They were too strong and I had to nerf them a bit.


  • Added recoil damage to Ivy’s cannon. End action note tag of Yanfly does not work with action sequence “finish” note tag so I had to use the post damage eval tag to add recoil.


  • I tried to figure out for hours why an event was activating and I just realized I was activating a switch by mistake. This is very annoying. I don’t know if there is a switch watcher or something like that in RMMV, but I hope one is made so that I can monitor switches and avoid wasting development hours.


  • I discovered you cannot load during a running common event so I deleted some open menu commands before battles.


  • Wrote some dialogue for Diane and NPC’s.


  • The day is not ever so hopefully, I can do more.


  • And oh, Ivy art is being reworked since Monday lol Hopefully we are done with him soon and can rework Frost.

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