Visual Novel Version (NO battles ) - Press F4 for full screen and F3 to adjust screen!
Version with RPG battles - Press F4 for full screen and F3 to adjust screen!

For those who want more than a visual novel.

Recepta is a combination of turn based RPG and visual novel with comic style. Follow the adventures of a happy trigger vigilante, a pervy priestess and a hysteric tomboy in a world where most of the heroic figures, harbringers, are a crazy, disturbed, and creepy individuals.

Key Features

  • Multiple Characters with different personality traits result in funny/unexpected interactions.
  • Optional Fighting System allows players more interested in reading, to skip battles and follow the story.
  • Strategic Battles Understand the passive and skill set of your characters and learn how to manage the 3 roles (offense, defense, support) to win battles.
  • Chain Skills Depending on how skilled the player is, multiple skills can be used in the same turn! The better you are with inputs the faster the battles will be.
  • Dynamic Comic Panels gives the feeling of reading a webcomic!

If you like what the game has to offer, feel free to support me and help me make major improvements to the game!