Offense Barrier

Due to their low defense, Damage focused soul shards have this unique ability that will
allow their wielder to keep fighting when their Hp fall at zero.

However, should you fail to increase your current HP above zero by the end of the
next turn, your battler will be knocked out.

Remember this ability is only available once per battle, so don’t rely too
much on it.


Guard is a very important feature in this game:

1) It replenishes your MP by 10%

2) While guarding, every character has 50% chance to counter an enemy attack (except the Rabbit Girl which has 100% chance of counter on all guard skills).

3) Guard reduces the amount of damage you take.

4) You won’t get any TP while blocking though.

Color Skill Description

Colors Indicate what the skill category you’re using:

White: Physical skills

Blue: Magic Skills

Green: Certain Skills (neither physical nor magic)

Magic Skills are better for battlers who have a higher MAT and Physical Skills, for battlers with a higher ATK.

Skill Terms

Vocabulary for skill/item description:


DMG: Damage (5/H means 5 damage points per Hit)

ACC: Accuracy

SPD: Speed (0,1,2,3,4, instant. The higher the speed, the faster the attack)

MP: Mana Points

TP: Technical Points