Zudian Empire

The Zudian Dynasty was the former regime of Bascaria ruled by an Empress,who was the leader of the nation. Under the Empress were the 12 Kings ruling the 12 kingdoms of the Zudian Empire. Every moon, they would offer thousands of citizens to the Goddess using the powers of the Deathshards. Some where willing to offer themselves as good pilgrims, other would be captured by force. One day, a man stood up against those practices and began to preach the values of the People of the Sky. The man was an alchemist who knew the secrets of Soulshard creation.  He garnered a massive following but was arrested by the Empire and executed, which started an unstoppable wave of revolts leading to the fall of the Zudian Empire, the worship of the Goddess, and the rise of the Creed of Cleithos.